FT5030 50Watt CO2 Laser Cutter/Engraver
FT5030 50Watt CO2 Laser Cutter/Engraver
FT5030 50Watt CO2 Laser Cutter/Engraver

FT5030 50Watt CO2 Laser Cutter/Engraver

Regular price
R 53,140.00
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R 53,140.00

Please take note of our Terms here before making a purchase.
  • R53 140 VAT Incl or R57 315 VAT Incl  with Rotary Attachment (Save R1000)
  • (2-3 Weeks waiting time) 
  • Price excludes delivery to buyer's address
  • Rotary Attachment: Optional (Charged at R4 175 VAT Incl if purchased with the machine OR R5 175 VAT Incl if purchased at a later stage).

Down Payment:

  • Financing - From R1999 p/m (T's & C's Apply)
  • Interest rate is personalised
  • Click here for more info.
Machine Specs:
  • 50 Watt CO2 Laser Tube
  • Laser Tube (Life Hours): 1000-1300 hrs (depending on how well machine is maintained)
  • Size that can fit in Machine: 550x350x200mm
  • Cutting Size: 500x300x6mm (depending on material)
  • Engraving Size: 500x300x200mm
  • Adjustable Bed Height: 200mm
  • Red Dot Laser System
  • Water Cooling (Water Pump included)
  • Built-in Smoke Extraction unit 
  • Operating Speed: 0-500mm/s
  • Minimum Shaping Character: 2mm X 2mm
  • Resolution Ratio: 4500dpi
  • Motor Type: Stepper Motor
  • Operating Temperature: 0-45C
  • Machine Size:  1020x650x600mm
  • Machine Weight: 65kg
  • Package Size: 1150x790x770mm
  • Package Weight: 112kg

Price Includes:

  • A fully functional, assembled and aligned CO2 laser cutting/engraving machine
  • 1x 5L Distilled water  
  • 1x 20 liter bucket with closed lid if a water chiller was not purchased.
  • 1x digital Temperature Meter if a water chiller was not purchased.
  • An English user manual written & compiled by Focal Tech
  • Basic machine training (free of charge at our premises)
  • Designing Software: CorelDraw Home & Student Suite (legit & licensed version)
  • Machine operating Software & Training: LaserCAD
  • A list of basic machine settings
  • A list of laser cutting material suppliers
  • Laser-ready templates
  • Smoke extraction unit + 10m Aluminium Smoke Extraction Pipe
  • Air-assist unit
  • Water Pump
  • Warranty (excluding demo machines)
  • Phone/Whatsapp/TeamViewer Remote Desktop support

Price Excludes:

  • A computer/laptop + internet connection
  • CorelDraw/designing software Training
  • Laser Cutting Material 
  • Industrial Water Chiller - Optional
  • Frozen 2liter bottles for water cooling if a water chiller was not purchased.
  • A small fire extinguisher 
  • Microfiber cloth/cotton earbuds & Rubbing Alcohol
  • A General Screw Driver Set, Allen Key Set & Thin Nose Pliers 


  • Suitable for entry level to medium-sized  businesses and hobbyists
  • Medium-sized Projects
  • Please click here for a list of materials that can be used.


  • Please click here for some samples that can be made with this machine.