Business Start-up Combo 1

Business Start-up Combo 1

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R 43,083.60

  • R43 083.60 VAT Incl (2 - 3 Weeks Waiting Time)

    This combo deal includes:
    • 1x FT3020 Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter/Engraver (40W 300x200mm - cut up to 4mm thick, depending on material)
    • 1x Upgraded Smoke Extraction Unit for the FT3020
    • 1x FTV14 Desktop Vinyl Cutter (A4 size) 
    • Basic Machine Training (free of charge at our premises)
    • English User Manuals compiled by Focal Tech
    • Laser/Vinyl-Ready Templates
    • List of Laser/Vinyl Cutting Material Suppliers
    • List of Basic Machine Settings 
    • Software (Whisperer, Inkscape, ArtCut)
    • Air-Assist Unit (Laser Cutter)
    • Water Pump (Laser Cutter)
    • 3-pack of Blades (Vinyl Cutter)
    • Blade Holder (Vinyl Cutter)
    • Pen Attachment (Vinyl Cutter)
    • Warranty 
    • Support (We are available on Whatsapp for any queries/questions)
    • We will gladly import spare parts that are not in stock/available in S.A


    • CO2 Laser Cutters/Engravers cannot engrave/cut through stainless steel/metals. It can only be "marked" with the use of Dry Moly spray.
    • The FT3020 has a stationary bed height. Please note that an object with a max. thickness of 4mm can fit in the machine. It is difficult for thicker objects like cutting boards or pocket knives to fit it the machine as it will result in the incorrect focal length being used. An incorrect focal length results in poor quality engraving. 
    • The FT3020 does not have the ability to engrave on round objects like glasses or bottles. (No rotary attachment)
    • The FTV14 Vinyl Cutter does not have a Print Function - Only Cutting.
    • Both machines need a permanent USB connection to a computer during operation.
    • ArtCut & Whisperer are only compatible with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.
    • ArtCut requires a CD/DVD Rom drive.
    • Delivery excluded in price.
    • Please take note of our Terms here as it explains everything in- and excluded in the price.